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Ms access vba get folder path

Get Path Of File. Apr 5, 2006. I have a button that allows a user to select a file using the windows select file dialog using the following code: Dim fd As FileDialog. Set fd = Application.FileDialog (msoFileDialogFilePicker) With fd. .Title = "Select A Text file to Import". .Filters.Add "Text File", "*.txt". .FilterIndex = 1.

Since the purpose of these folders is to contain pictures, well you get the idea. I end up copying the list of folders that need removing to a DOS batch file and delete them that way. Since I don’t understand the code, I don’t know how to modify it, or whether it is even possible to modify it. I had no idea you could access Wscript from VBA.

Select Set cl = ActiveCell ' Open the file dialog With Application I have a template folder Assert BaseName(new_name) = new_name new_name = pJoin(RootName(file_path), new_name) Rename = Exists(file_path) And Not Exists(new_name) If Rename Then Name file_path As new Step 1: Logical file names can also be changed using SQL Server Management.

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Kevin - "No luck" is too vague to decipher, especially in a std Module. For example, I would write the function like this. Public Function TestFileSize() as Long Dim LResult As Long LResult = FileLen("C:\FILE_PATH\FILE_NAME.EXT") TestFileSize = LResult End Function.

Here, we will demonstrate how to use a command button to select a file and then return the file path. Then we will convert the file path into a hyperlink. Below is the table that I use in this example. We will store the path of the map in the " map_path " column as a hyperlink. And then, when we click the hyperlink, it will open the file.

Sample VBA. Public Function GetTempFolder () As String GetTempFolder = Environ ("Temp") End Function.

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